Diploma Requirements

Agape Christian Academy is a Christian School and “Honors Academy” located near Beaufort, SC. In accordance with state mandates as outlined by the S.C. Board of Education, in order to earn a high school diploma, a student must earn a total of 24 units of credit, distributed as follows (Bible is a required subject to be taken each year as an elective):

Honors Language Arts

Honors US History

Honors Social Studies

Honors Government (Half-unit)

Honors Economics (Half-unit)

Honors Mathematics

Honors Lab Sciences

Honors Foreign Language

Honors Computer Science / Keyboarding

Physical Education

Bible / Electives


4 Units

1 Unit

1 Unit

1 Unit

1 Unit

4 Units

3 Units

2-3 Units

2 Units

1 Unit

4-5 Units

24 Units