2016-2017 Re-enrollment for Agape Christian Academy

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March is the month for re-enrollment. Please fill out your enrollment form and return it, along with the $50 registration fee, by March 31! It is imperative that you do so by March 31 so we may begin accepting new students and filling vacant positions. Anyone failing to re-enroll by March 31 may risk the forfeiture of their position for next year.

Some who procrastinate, thinking that we have lots of room, and feel they, therefore have plenty of time to consider, perhaps do not realize we have to combine certain grade levels according to enrollment, and such limits the number of students we can accept in a particular grade.

Registration papers will be issued in April and are due, with the $360 book fee, by Awards Day on May 29.

An Increase, or Not Really?

Over the past ten years I can only recall one, perhaps two, occasions when we did not implement the annual $5 per month increase in the tuition rate.

The $350 Book/Administrative fee was not increased last year, and the $40 enrollment fee has not increased more than once in ten years.

We contemplated not implementing an increase at all for next year, but decided to do so… yet, at the same time, determined to make it where it doesn’t even seem like an
increase to most of you in the long run.

Huh,” you ask. Let me explain.

We will be increasing our tuition rate from $190 per month to $195 per month for the first child, $185 for the second child, and $175 for the third child from a single household.

The Book/Administrative fee will increase $10 to $360 per child per year, and the $40 enrollment fee will increase to $50 per student. Spread out over the course of the year, that’s a grand total of $80 for the year among the three increases ($5 x 12 months, plus $10, plus $10)…

However, here is how we will offset such increase.

Starting next year, every child will receive a yearbook! In addition, when we take school pictures, each student will receive a basic package that includes one 8×10, one 5×7, and 8 wallet size pictures.Those desiring additional pictures will be given an opportunity to upgrade their package a their expense, but the base package, as well as a full color yearbook, will be given to each student. This year, though, we must still charge $35 for a yearbook, payable as soon as possible.

When you consider the cost of school pictures and a yearbook, especially for those with more than one child, that’s in essence, a savings for you, particularly when our maintenance and supply costs alone justify a rate increase across the board, not to mention much-needed upgrades in classrooms, specially in our computer lab.

For those who do not usually purchase pictures and/or a yearbook, there is no alternative lower rate. The above are our set rates for next year; so enjoy the benefits!

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